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Day 10 Ruse

Bulgarian dancing

Day 10 Ruse

Crossing into Bulgaria was a continuation of the vast fields. What they farm here I really don't know. I saw fields of sunflowers but the rest well I don't know. It was still hot and we were coping well without aircon. When Ladiva gets hot the floor getd really hot and that on your feet for 5 odd hours is really uncomfortable.

As we drove into Bulgaria we srated to see the mountains which was lifting.

We arrived in Ruse and because there wasn't a campsite around we had to hotel it. Not that I was complaining, it was good to have a hot shower which flowed properly and air conditioning.

The town itself was unusual. I don't know if it was because it was Sunday but it was dead. In the square I could hear someone jovially talking on a tanoy but god knows what they said as it wasn't English. As I got nearer I could see about four girls with water pistols soaking each other being chased by one bloke. There were two children trowing balls into a large tub. It was actually a rather poor attended Fanta (as in the orange fizzy drink) promotion. How strange!

We all went out for dinner and took over a local restaurant where danced local dances Bulgarian style. .ok we were abit tipsy.

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Transfaragarian Highway

Pedal to the metal

Day 9 -Transfaragarian Highway

A very unusual start to the day today, I found out that Mark has a hidden talent! I caught him with Holly as I went to get Ladivas keys. Holly lets him practice in her and I was really impressed. Don't panic he knows how to plait hair and not just normal plaits but French plaits....I can't even do that.

We went to the supermarket for supplies as tonight we are roughing it by sleeping in our tents on the road side. I decided to get some plastic plates, cups etc...turns out they were £10. I thought they were £2....worked that out wrong didn't I!

So this transfaragarian highway is supposed to be the best road in the world. Mark and Richard have been preparing for days and as I type this it appears they've been up and down it twice already today and we are still on our way!

The start of the road has approximately 14 hair pin bends winding its way up the mountain. The views are amazing stretching across Romania further than your eyes can see. We stopped to meet up with the other teams and I got chatting to two American guys who had been travelling Romania for 7 weeks for their 65th birthday. They gave us 50 Lei (£50) for Julias House...how cool was that!

We set up camp at the side of the road waiting for Milly who had a fan belt problem. Luckily she was fixed quickly. There is ice on the side of the mountains so I took a bowl and hiked up to get some for the beers. We made a camp fire which didn't want to start so Steve Mowlam chucked on some fuel and Robin Man chucked on a massive bag of coal. ....the bag included!

We sat and watched a lightning storm and made off to our tents when a thick fog poured over us, dropping the temperature. I wrapped up warm and got into bed. Even with my ear plugs in I could hear the rain on the tent. I had put rocks around the edge of the tent so I wouldn't blow away. The storm was horrendous! Lightning so bright as if it was day followed by deafening angry thunder that shook through the tent. I put the hood of my sleeping bag over my eyes and pulled the draw string tight so I couldn't see the lightning. All I could think was the water under and around me from the rain could get struck by lightning and we would all be electrocuted. I thought I was lucky sleeping on my inflatable bed which I reckon saved the day!

Well we all survived the night and set off towards Ruse in Bulgaria. I had a chuckle though as everyone was packed up and ready for the off but one tent...Billy and Sam who hadn't even got up.....yet. Where are they?

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Day 8 - Brasov

Brasoff or Braysoff....im not sure how its pronounced but thats where we were heading.

Entering Romania it was clear this place was behind other places we had been to. That's mainly in the countryside though. So many half built premises derelict. Miles and miles of green land. The farmers raking up the hay by hand and cutting the hay by hand. Such hard work.

Also there are huge stork nests on top of electric posts. You can see the storks in them ...it's really cool!

You can see the difference in generations too, the older women in long skirts and head scarves and shawls, the younger in their shorts and vest tops. You notice the Roma gypsies, horse and carts even kids begging when we stopped at the traffic lights.

I've never seen such dangerous driving as here in Romania. They overtake head on and in blind bends then force their way in when they get to logger heads and they are losing. If you keep a braking gap you can be sure someone will be in it within seconds.

One funny sight I saw was a guy with short denim shorts, a white vest top and a bleach blonde mullet. Wish I'd taken a photo. On the roadside they sell random things like wicker baskets, garden knomes and space hoppers!

The campsite was lovely but literally as we arrived the heavens opened. No chance of putting the tent up.

It was Hollys birthday today and during the storm...yes ... thunder and lightning they decided to put up their tent. Mark stood under the gazebo and Holly stood in the field...in the rain. ..under the thunder and lightning holding the metal poles. All of us ditched the idea and paid to stay in their wooden bungalows. Ours looked like a wendy house but it was good to have a matress.

We all ate at the site and the food was really good even though I have eaten fried cheese nearly every night! We drank champagne too.....well who wouldn't for £6 a bottle. Actually we drunk them out of champers.

They had a live band on and I couldn't believe it when they sang Creedance Clearwaters Have you seen the rain....my Malaysia song...wow....im in Romania and I hear the local band singing it.

It was a great evening and I think Holly had a good time even though her candles on her cake said "Birthday Boy".

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Day 7 - Debrecan

Hungary. ...another place I've not been to. This had to be the hottest day in Ladiva, I felt really sick. Cat dosed me up with travel sickness tablets and I put on the neon sickness bands. Hungary was a beautiful country and really cheap.

The camp site had a thermal spring but I just couldn't go in. There were soo many people in there. ..all those body fluids floating around put me off.

We all went out for a meal in a restaurant near the camp. The menu comprised goulash, chicken cooked various ways and hooves. ...yes trotters! I asked for a salad but they didn't know if they could do one. I don't like feeling that imt fussy just cause im a veggie but was starting to.
I was chatting away and suddenly my throat felt tight and dry and I started to cough. After a few more seconds I smelt a nasty chemical and noticed I could hear more people coughing. Turns out they were spraying insecticide....nice!

Cat and I left to get some food in the centre. Spotting some candle flickers we thought we had found a restaurant but it was a bar, we got directions from the rather tall Hungarian guy by Cat conversing with him in Italian. ...stranger things have happened! We didn't realise how far it was but it was certainly worth the walk. I had a fab greek salad a cheese croquettes.....lush!!

We got lost on the way back and we wandered around the dark streets making the dogs bark til about 130am. They seem to keep their dogs outside. ...not a bad idea, its a real burglar deterrent.

Standing at the locked gates we made as much noise as we could to get the security guards attention. Finally he came over....we were at the wrong park! !! Ours was a few meters up....ha ha.

I got in my tent releaved that I had already inflated my bed. I had forgotten to bring in my rucksack which meant no ear plugs....will I get any sleep?

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Day Six - Poprad

I've never been to Slovakia and to be honest I didn't even know where it was! So I was quite excited about going. It was a nice short journey around the mountains and the campsite was in the middle of nowhere with a stunning view of the Tatras mountain in the background.

We had a very chilled out evening with a few beers. I saw a shooting star and Jo saw a Chinese lantern maybe it was the same thing? I'm going for the star.

The mossie bites are playing me up but are nowhere near as bad as Cats whose forearms were quite swollen tonight. ...ouch.

I'm managing well with the camping all down to the inflatable matress and the ear plugs!

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