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Day Five - Krakow

I've wanted to go to this place for a long time. On the way we took a slight detour to visit Auchwist which was very sobering. It was a boiling hot day and to reflect of those people in the camps slaving away in such heat as well as the harsh conditions was very upsetting. The tour guides have to have a relative who was in the camp so they are quite passionate about their work.

We just set up camp and got the bbq going and that's where we stayed. We were invaded with mossies though the little biting buggers!

We decided that we would go into Krakow in the morning.

It was another beautiful day the next day and probably the most traffic we had come across. The city itself is charming with rustic buildings. There's a square and despiration for tourists to go with tour guides in their buggies. It's really cheap here and you can get amber jewellery for a good price. I was suprised at the number of nuns around all from different convents.

After lunch it was back to Ladiva to head for Poprad. One thing that struck me about Poland was the care and attention to the grave yard, the graves are well tended with flowers everywhere.

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Day 4 Prague


Day Four - Prague

Another good sleep for me which is great. We have another long drive ahead with Ladiva who is purring as we motor on, im sure she's just as excited about getting out of the UK.

Our demanding neighbours waved us off probably releaved we were going so they have the camp to themselves.

The journey was mainly motorways. Getting into Prague we had a campsite right near the city centre! It had a teepee in it and the bar man was from Newton Abbot of all places. We all set off at 6 to go into the city by the tram. We had a lovely meal but were ripped off by the waiter who charged each of us 2 euro for one basket of bread which we shared. The most expensive loaf ever equating to 10 euros for it. Plus 2 euro each for service.

Charles bridge was beautiful with the lit castle in the background. It was really busy and Holly had a near miss experience with two local guys that cornered her. I don't think they knew what a risk they were taking....she would have knocked them both out ha ha.

Prague is a beautiful city with gothic buildings and continental cafes. A very busy city and still cheap.

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Day 3

Day Three - Goslar

I was suprised I slept so long but still it was early and I had a great sleep not disturbed a second by the blustering wind or the nearby snoring choir. We quickly packed up and I reckon soon we will be experts at setting up and shipping out.

The trip was estimated to be between 4.5 to 6.5 hrs. We did take a detour on the anticipation of a road with a view of the sea either side but unfortunately it was a grass bank on one side and cost us a few extra hours on our tip. I think it took us 8 hrs in total but Ladiva didn't let us down.

Arriving at the campsite it seemed abit scruffy compared to the Dutch one. There must have been a taxidermist in the family as the reception was full of stuffed animals and birds giving me a comparison to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The woman was really friendly and smiled just the once whilst we checked in. We found a pitch and began to set up. There was an old couple playing scrabble opposite their pitch who we were next to and primarily seemed genuinely friendly. Well that didn't last long. Soon the questions flowed "How long are you staying? " "What time are you getting up? Not too early?" "You will not make a noise tonight" "Turn your engine off you are polluting this beautiful area" Seriously this woman was a pain in the backside. It made you feel like doing all of the above just to annoy her but we are good polite people and only discussed what we would do....good job we are decent people from what went round the table.

We took a drive into Goslar which is beautiful. The architecture is outstanding, lots of quirkey, wonkey tudor style buildings with huge tiled roofs and tiny windows. As we wandered around we bumped into another team who decided to travel in style by hoteling it nightly, I'm not sure of their team number but (they don't know this yet) we've named them Team Jedwood....also Mark and Sarah you are now Team Brothel due to your pink and black colour scheme. We stayed in the square for dinner which was fabulous. I had deep fried camembert which was battered! We all had desert including appel strudel which smelt amazing, waffels and I picked a dish I think was called butterhann. This was a shou pastry filled with fresh cream and berry compote, I gasped when it came out as it was HUGE! Even the locals were taking photos telling me ".......appetite" I couldn't eat it all but it didn't go to waste I can tell you that another team finished it off.

We just made it back before our 10pm campsite curfew and had a beer with the teams before going to bed.

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Day two

Day Two - Amsterdam

Although it was day 2 we still hadn't slept and we had some serious miles to go to get to Amsterdam but hey this was what it was all about.

It's very true what they say the Netherlands are flat! Either side of the motorway was green field after green field with the odd windmill here are and there. They were the old quaint style ones, really pretty but there's also hundreds of wind turbines soaring into the sky over looking the land. I quite like them, the rotation of the blades was quite soothing. ..slow and steady.

We arrived at the campsite and it didn't take long to set up so we took the metro into the city. The first stop was The Sex Museum which I have to admit was my first....I. mean third time going but it didn't take much persuasion to get the others there! It's a good laugh and some weird stuff going on in there.

There is a strong smell of cannabis wafting around here and there in the streets. We didn't go into the cafes but enjoyed the odd horse and cart going by as we strolled past relaxed people supping on Pilsner. There were soo many frites (chip) stalls where they are served with a dollop of mayonnaise AND tomato sauce. The food looked amazing.

By six we were shattered and back at the camp. I know I fell asleep about nine pm and slept like a baby thanks to the inflatable matress and my ear plugs.

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The beginning

One bus, 5 people, 5000 miles left.

I haven't written anything about the build up to this trip so I will make it short and sweet. After my year off......yeah I like to go on about it....I went into work feeling abit hard done by not being on a beach anymore bumming around. Now one of the first people I saw was Spooky aka Mr Steve Blackmore who told me about this trip....SOLD! I think my leave form was one of the first forms I filled in and I couldn't believe they agreed it....lucky me!

Our team.. .Team Nightmare is me, Holly, Mark, Cat anf James (I went to juniour school with James). I can't take any credit for what the team have organised with the bus, ferries and all the other stuff thats kept them running around but it's very much appreciated and its all come together.

We started tonight at 1800 at Weymouth Stadium where I got to see the bus for the first time, she's called Ladiva. Awesome! St Augustines school have created some art and charactuers ...it looks great! Theres quite abit of room inside with all our stuff and Cat is organised having made some curtains and fixed lights up. Me....I've not done anything.. .yet. ..im sure soon there will be something I can do to help out.

Steve announced where we were off to on our first stop...Amsterdam. ...cool....now it felt real and as I walked down to Ladiva the butterflies kicked in for a few seconds, just enough ...happy.. happy...happy! !

Holly is driving us now and we are making good speed for an old banger....all within the limits but shes not having any of the other teams over take us, we're King of the road! Keep it up Holly!

So far we've had a fuse issue rectified by Mark and a rear light out at Weymouth, don't mind minor stuff like that.

A smooth crossing on the ferry but no sleep.....miles and miles to go.

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